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FIRST Alumni


FIRST Alumni is a way to create a link between those who have graduated from FIRST and those who are currently involved with FIRST. The alumni will create an account and become instantly connected to the organization. After signing up, the alumni will receive newsletters, connect to old teams, and even have the opportunity to mentor new teams. Alumni that are now in college and the workforce will come back to provide current teams with their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. This network will allow FIRST to reconnect with past members and reignite their passion for the FIRST community.

Featured Alumni


Tyler Degraw

University of Maryland – Class of 2017
Aerospace Engineering
FRC Team 303

Matt Schueler

Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Class of 2019
Robotics Engineering
FRC Team 303

Amar Bhakta

University of Hartford – Class of 2007
B.S.M.E, Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering
GE Power – Sr. Field Engineer
FRC Team 303

Dominique Dahl

Virginia Tech – Class of 2018
Mechanical Engineering
FRC Team 303

Hayley Katz

Alfred University – Class of 2017
Material Science and Engineering
FRC Team 303

Created by T.E.S.T. Team 303.
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