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FIRST Alumni

is a way to create a link between those who have graduated from FIRST and those who are currently involved with FIRST. The alumni will create an account and become instantly connected to the organization. After signing up, the alumni will receive newsletters, connect to old teams, and even have the opportunity to mentor new teams. Alumni that are now in college and the workforce will come back to provide current teams with their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. This network will allow FIRST to reconnect with past members and reignite their passion for the FIRST community.

By joining this organization, alumni will inspire present members to major in, and eventually become employed in one of the many STEM fields. As member of this organization, alumni will have the ability to mentor rookie or veteran teams, and allow FIRSTs current participants to benefit from the alumni’s FIRST and workplace experiences in STEM. Alumni can also connect with old teams, and can share their experiences in both FIRST and in a professional environment. By reconnecting alumni with teams around the world, the FIRST community will be able to reach out to the members who it helped to raise, and will allow them to renew their relationship with the FIRST family long after high school.

Alumni who join this organization will be provided with many volunteering opportunities as mentors that will allow them to become more involved in the community through FIRST. The alumni will also receive periodic newsletters with FIRST news to keep them updated on what is happening within the community. Alumni will be capable of further growth through the FIRST community by having the opportunity to mentor teams in need and the ability to volunteer at the many events FIRST holds. This organization will provide alumni a chance to create a relationship within the FIRST family once again, and to re-experience FIRST from another perspective; that of a mentor.


Created by FRC Team 303. Visit us here!